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SoCal’s Most Outrageous Mansions & Locations for TV & Film Shoots & Special Events since 1991.

Location is everything

Driven to deliver Legendary Locations, Iconic Modern Estates & All American homes too!
Event Planning & Film Production services for our Clients. Catering to Location Managers & Event Producers worldwide.
We show you the ropes to navigate  “On Location” &  “Get out clean!”

Location Connection Clients

Elevate your brand with a Mansion, launch your product with a Modern Estate.
Oscar winning Mansions, Reality Shows, Surreality TV Shows, Indie Films, Still Photo Shoots, and Luxury Weddings.


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Emmy the Mini Horse
28″ inch Miniature Horse

Ambassador of Location Connection

Location Connection Feature Presentation

Our Mansions in starring roles. On location filming with Location Connection.

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