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Location Manager/Filming

I'm a Location Manager and I need Location Library books right now!

The Location Connection is open 7 days a week (by appointment) for your convenience. We can have library books available for you within one hour of taking your call! Feature Films, Reality Shows, Television, Still Photography, Music Videos,Commercials Call our mobile line!! 818-422-8127 or office 310-376-9797 fax 310-376-9796

How do you work with Location Managers for the Film and Television Industry?

When Location Managers are looking for a specific location they call us. We are the agents that make houses into Movie Stars! We have an extensive library of mansions, homes, and commercial properties for filming. Just give us the specific criteria and style the script requires, and we will provide many great locations to “Cast” in your production.

Special Events/Weddings

What is the advantage of having my Event or Wedding at an exclusive Mansion instead of a commercial venue?

There will be no other Event like it! The Mansion is your back-drop and we paint the scene for your Fairytale event!

How much do budgets range for the entire Event at a Mansion or Estate?

Having a wedding in a Mansion costs about the same as having an event at a Five Star Hotel. The budgets can range above and beyond that, depending on what special elements you would like to include. Our event consultants will be glad to offer you a complimentary phone consultation to assist you with budget objectives.

I’m doing my wedding myself and just want to book the location through you. Is that possible?

We do not solely book locations for weddings. Our homeowner’s have entrusted us with coming into their private residences and producing an event with proper procedures, adherence to ordinances, optimum care, and over 10 years of experience and professionalism for each event. It would be impossible and very stressful for a Bride and Groom to suddenly try and become “On Location” Wedding Producers. We don’t recommend doing your own Wedding anywhere, let alone at a private Estate. How can you enjoy the most important day of your life if you are working at your own wedding! We believe the Bride and Groom should be the Stars of their own Wedding, with utmost care for their special needs provided by our staff at The Location Connection, Inc. You are the pampered Stars from start to finish! Now make your Grand Entrance!

How do you work with fellow Event Planners and/or Corporate Meeting Planners if they need just the location?

The Location Connection, Inc. has worked on a regular basis with an elite group of Event Planners and Corporate Meeting Planners all over the United States, as well as international event planning companies, over the years. Call our offices for more details about how we work with our fellow Event Planners. Our goal is to provide “ensemble tamwork” and the most unique venues and location management for your event!

Register Your Home/Location Costs

I would like my home represented by The Location Connection, Inc., for filming and/or special events. What do I need to do to get started?

The best thing to do is to e-mail or send by regular post office mail, pictures of your house. Using a digital camera, a simple disposable camera, or any camera! Take pictures of the exterior of your house including a good shot of the front and the backyard. Inside, stand in one corner of the room and take photos from left to right to get the whole room. Then go to the other corner and repeat the same thing for that side of each room. Shoot the living room, kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom and any other rooms in your home that are interesting looking. Your home does not need to be a mansion to get work! We get calls for all sorts of homes from old shacks, to track homes, lofts to ranches, motels to commercial buildings, diners, clubs & 40’s 50’s 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s styled homes!

How much does it cost to rent a mansion for an Event or Film shoot?

Each mansion differs according to the size of the property, number of guests, use of interior and exterior, etc. Mansions start at about $8,000 per day, but can go as high as $50,000 per day! “Regular” homes range $3,500 & up for Film Shoots.

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